Xmen Ministry

X is the Greek letter Chi, the first letters of the Greek words Christou. Chi is the name of our Men’s Ministry at Rockbridge. We have chosen this Greek letter to represent who we are and what we are all about. All of these facets are from our mission and core values and can be summed up in the words Christ Men’s Ministry, Xmen.

We are ordinary men who come together for a common cause. We exist to glorify God by presenting our bodies as a sacrifice to God and experiencing life change for extraordinary things. We live to be Xtreme Xamples Xperiencing life change through:

  • Teaching the next generation

  • Exalting the savior

  • Affirming the exchanged life

  • Missional lifestyle example

  • Supporting & encouraging each other

Xmen are interested in following Jesus. This is the sole criteria for membership. If you are not a member of Rockbridge, or if you have not yet taken the step of placing personal faith in Christ, you are still very welcome to participate in our activities.