Worship Ministry

We believe Worship is an active and yet constant, tangible and yet spiritual response to the redemptive action and supreme character of the one true and living God.

At Rockbridge Church, we teach that worship is a response. It is a response to the character of God and to the work of the Gospel in our lives. We cannot worship what we do not know and for this reason we hold the Scriptures very highly in our worship services. You will find that we sing songs that are rich in meaning and full of Scripture.

The word worship, quite literally means “worth-ship”. Worshiping God is about His worth. Our spiritual act of worship is that God would be worth more than anything else in all existence. He is worth more than our families, He is worth more than our spouses, He is worth more than money, He is worth more than our security. He is worth more than anything we could ever offer made with human hands. At Rockbridge Church, this is our cry. Not that God would be an important part of our life; moreover that God would be the totality of all worth in life, period.