We connect people to love God during our Sunday services which are biblically based, inspirational and moving.  The bible is the tool we utilize to cultivate our relationship with God.  We believe prayer and the study of God's Word go hand in hand to help us love Him more.


We connect people to love others by embarking on journeys in the Bible and growing relationships with others.  We believe that we should display love for one another through interaction with each other.



We connect people should serve our risen Savior.  We offer opportunities to serve both inside and outside the church.  We provide ways that you can impact the lives of others through service.  When you are ready to make a difference, Rockbridge Church helps you connect to the ministry through service.


We connect people to serve the community in which they live.  To us “church” is not a building, a religious service or a denomination.  The “church” is God’s people living for others in devotion to Him.  We help you make a difference in your community and in your world.  We provide opportunities to serve your community in concrete ways.

We invite you to come join us as we Love and Serve.  Love God and Others while we serve in Ministry and in Community!