Bible Study Questions


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1. Last week, we studied God causing a flood over the earth. Why do you think God used aflood to accomplish His purpose?

2. God exhibited 2 distinct aspects of His nature. He was both Judge and gracious. Namethe ways from previous chapters through Chapter 8 that portray God as:

3. In Chapter 8, God brought Noah and the ark through the flood safely. Identify another
time when God brings His people through treacherous waters. Hint: Exodus

4. Is God your Deliverer? What has He delivered you from in the past? What do you need
deliverance from today? Will you take the time right now and ask for your deliverance?

5. Chapter 8. After leaving the ark, Noah offered a sacrifice. What was God’s response to
the sacrifice?

5a. Why do think Noah offered the sacrifice?

5b. What do you do after God blesses you?

6. Underline the word that appears the most in Chapter 9.

7. What is a covenant?

7a. Who are the parties involved in this covenant?

7b. Does this covenant apply to you?

7c. Who initiated the covenant?

8. What sign is given as reminder of the covenant?

9. Compare the nakedness in the garden to Noah’s nakedness (Gen 9:22)

10. In Genesis 11:4, why was it wrong the people to build a city for themselves?

10a. What was God’s judgment for building this city? (11:7-9)