Bible Study Questions


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1. In class, we discussed a theme that occurs throughout the Bible. The theme – the wicked does not prosper. Find Old and New Testament verses to support this theme. Be prepared to share in class.

2. In Chapter 9, who is Canaan?

2a. Who did Noah actually curse?

2b. Is this a personal, individual curse or is the scope greater?

3. What do you learn about God from the blessings/cursing of Noah’s sons?

4. Chapter 10. Who were Ham’s sons?

5. Of whom did all the nations of the earth descend?

6. How do you think Chapter 10 will become a valuable resource to the Israelites?

7. Chapter 11. What were the people hoping to accomplish by building a tower?

8. How did God respond to the plan to build a tower?

9. Have the hearts of men changed from the preflood days? What does this tell you about mankind?

10. List familiar names from Genesis 11:26-32.

11. What request does God make of Abram?