Genesis 23-24

Chapter 23

1.    How old was Sarah when she passed away?

2.    Where did Sarah die?

3.    Which verse expresses Abraham’s love for Sarah?

4.    What was Abraham’s reputation in the land of Canaan?

5.    How did Abraham view himself in the land of Canaan?

6.    What did Abraham wish to acquire from Ephron, the Hittite?

7.    Why do you think Abraham insisted on paying full price for the land?

8.    As part of the Abrahamic Covenant, God promised Abraham land. What is the name of the land?

9.    Why do think Abraham didn’t return Sarah to her homeland for burial?

10.    What does the fact that Abraham purchased land in Canaan say about his faith?

Chapter 24

1.    What does Abraham request of his servant?

2.    Why do you think Abraham is adamant about Isaac’s wife not being from Canaan? See verses Gen 9:25-27.

3.    In verse 12, what act of faith does Abraham’s servant demonstrate before identifying a wife for Isaac?

4.    Describe Rebekah (physical and inner qualities).

5.    In verse 33, how does Abraham’s servant demonstrate loyalty to Abraham?

6.    What was the blessing that Rebekah’s family bestowed upon her?

7.    What were Isaac’s feelings toward Rebekah?