A Note from the Pastor

I am delighted in the fact you have taken an interest in our church.  I pray that God leads you to be our guest at one of our services.  I am confident that you will find God is here.  If you desire to enter into a relationship with God, you can come to know, love and grow in God with us.

At Rockbridge Church you will not be alone.  God designed us for community and you will find a community of Bible believers.  You will meet others who started with a restless life and have come to find peace in God.

Rockbridge Church mission revolves around creating a family circle of a united body of believers, loving God and displaying love towards each other.  A circle where we serve side by side in God’s ministry, sharing God’s word, and growing obedient disciples serving our community.

Rockbridge Church remains centered around loving God and serving a community.  Rockbridge Church relishes in the opportunity to display to you the same love, hope, and joy we received from the Lord.  We extend to you a cordial invitation to join us as we draw near to God through prayer, worship and inspiring relevant messages from God’s word.

Pastor Tim